Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIMi 1st Issue

The 1st issue of DIMi magazine has now been launched!

This is my husband, Wayne's magazine and I am the Editorial Assistant. The 1st issue profiles amazing digital artists; Bonny Lhotka, Daivid J. Bookbinder, Nadia Salameh, Jane Davenport and Don Relyea.

Happy reading!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Coupling

"The Coupling" Oil on Linen, 50cm x 50cm
This oil painting will be one of the works featured in the "Recipe" exhibition.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


"Recipe" at 69 Smith Street Gallery.
This is my next group show
30th November to 18th December 2011.
Opening is on Saturday 3rd December, between 4-6pm.

Friday, November 18, 2011

NMIT Gang at lunch

At lunch and having a wonderful time with some of my NMIT friends. An amazing group of artists.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


SOLD & SOLD prior to opening the gallery.

Setting up

My NMIT colleagues and I have been busy preparing our show. It opens tomorrow, Wednesday 9th November.

Already I have had a wonderful start with the sale of two prints. I had not long hung them on the wall when a lady pleaded to let her in the gallery. A great decision it was letting her in!

I will fill the empty spaces early tomorrow morning prior to the gallery opening hours.

It has been a mad, hectic two days and I have the telling sore muscles to prove it.

Now all that is pending is the great time I am planning to share with family and friends on the opening night.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Invites for "Hatch"

This is the invite for my NMIT group exhibition.
Love to see you there.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Adding the finishing touches

Deborah's Office

I create the look and the art to suit the experience

Libby's House

My art in situ

Works In Situ - Robyn's Place

Alpha & Omega

The fish has been a running theme in my artwork throughout the last two years at NMIT. I am fascinated with all the symbolic meanings of the fish. It is an important symbol connected with many cultures throughout history.

  • fertility
  • Eternity
  • Creativity
  • Femininity
  • Good Luck
  • Happiness
  • Knowledge
  • Transformation

Greco -Roman mythology:
change and transformation


feminine symbol of fertility and an attribute of the Goddess

Ancient Celts:

Eastern Indian mythology:

Ancient African:
creation/Mangala the creater/fertility

Chinese Feng Shui:

happiness/freedom/sacred symbol of Buddha

Norse & Ancient European Cultures:
adaptability/determination/flow of life

Frozen Fish

This is my "Frozen Fish". This sculptural piece won the "Melbourne Etching Supplies Award" at the 2011 Graduate Show at NMIT.

Nillumbik Shire - Arts and Cultural ebulletin

This article was published in the Nillumbik Shire, November issue of 'Arts and Cultural ebulletin'
Mural unveiled at Research Preschool
When Research Preschool needed to turn a drab, mission brown wall into a creative master piece, they called Thou Art Mum.
With a grant from Rotary and two brilliant artists, Adriana Cosshall and Susana Gonzalez, their dream became reality. Adriana and Susana understood their vision and created an outstanding piece of work for the preschool. The mural theme is a local native garden with animals and insects that the children would recognise from their own gardens. The mural also lends itself to educational activities including numeracy, hide and seek, learning about the environment and recognising colours.
Research Preschool is grateful to Thou Art Mum, Rotary and the wonderful artists, Adriana and Susana.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fish 4 Series

Tribute exhibition with TAM

This is how I will be displaying my tribute to James Gleeson at my up coming exhibition at Montsalvat with "Thou Art Mum".

Images from the Christine Wilcox workshop

Printmaking workshop with Christine Wilcox. These are my prints created in the workshop. She has unique style of collographs.

All Things Fish - Artist Books

This book is entitled "Hidden Secrets"
This book is entitled "Fish 4".

Gutted Fish (still cooking)

50cm x 50cm - Oil on Canvas.
In progress. This image is the last image. This painting will be displayed in the front room of 69 Smith Street Gallery. The entire group will be exhibiting a 50cm x 50cm art piece in the front gallery space. These pieces will be a reflection of our individual exhibits.

Gutted Cont.

Gutted Cont.


Oils on canvas
This body of work is the latest in my on-going series of "All things Fish".