Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thou Art Mum

I have been fortunate to be a part of an amazing group of exhibiting artists for the past two years. We all have two things in common; we are all mothers and all love to create art.

Last year we exhibited at Montsalvat and earlier this year at Manningham Gallery. We are currently sourcing galleries for the next exhibition. It looks like this next one will be huge! Last count we had approx 30 members and still going strong.

It is a wonderful experience to be involved with some very talented women. Each and every one of them is so, so special and we all support each other.

The aim and focus of this group is to create at least one or two individual pieces and then to all try to work on a joint piece together.

Some of the women are art teachers and have in the past taught us some new skills and given us valuable tips. When stuck for ideas or know-how they are only too pleased to help out.

The title for the next exhibit will be "Moments In Time". I now need to put my thinking cap on and start doing something or otherwise it will be "No Moments In Time"!

I was thrilled at the last show to have the image of one of my paintings on the gallery's billboard in Manningham Road, Doncaster, and the other painting was featured in two Leader Newspapers along with a full page article on the group. A photo of the billboard is sitting in my "older posts".


Friday, September 17, 2010

'Autumn Blanket' reworked

A few months ago I played around with 'Autumn Blanket' in photoshop by superimposing a photograph of trees into the background (this image you will find in my 'Older Posts'). I loved the outcome, so in this latest painting I have tried to simulate the photoshoped image.
I am very pleased with it now and so is the person I have just sold it to.

A Rakes' Progress (My Version)

No. 8 The Madhouse

No. 7 The Prison

No. 6 The Gaming House

No. 5 The Marriage

No. 4 The Arrest

No. 3 The Orgy

No. 2 The Levee

No. 1 The Heir

This series of "A Rakes' Progress' references both the great master 'William Hogarth' and the myth of 'Adam and Eve'.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Path

Our Path
This is my painting that I have entered into the Homestead Art Show.
It is fundamentally about dualities: our personal as physical and intellect; our societal as religious and material and our environmental as both part of and a controller of the environment. These dualities define the conflicts within and between us, our governments, religions and corporations.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sustainability Project

“Take time out to have a good look”

The title of my project is one of irony, since perhaps if I really thought about it, I would have approached the work in a totally different manner. There is a lot to be said about simplifying the work. This assignment at first sounded so easy, the execution however, took careful planning and a lot of chasing around.
Never before had I thought of using recycled paper for printing, the fact that it was never on my agenda, meant that I didn’t realize that I could purchase it. Unfortunately, in reality what is not known, doesn’t exist. This was only the beginning. Then came the determination to use only recyclable or pre-used products, this involved a lot of running around in the car from Opportunity Shop to Opportunity Shop, and then the added telephone calls. In the end I had to simplify the project as the petrol used to run my car and the money spent on telephone calls, clearly did not correspond with the aim of the project!
However, after a shaky start, I can now regard the whole process as one of learning a good lesson. We actually complicate our lives by trying to make life fit our wants rather than our needs.

The Story:
The clock ticks away and as it does the words “only time will tell” loops round and round in my head. From the beginning of time till the end of time, our story of life on Earth is one of dualities. Good and evil, for and against, black and white, love and hate, give and take, the list is endless.
In my artwork I selected to depict some examples of dualities that face us in everyday life. I purposely chose a rectangular structure for this work, as in this piece it conflicts with the shape of the circle. An added bonus was that this canvas board was also damaged, because what I placed on it was the idea of a Mandala . The Mandala is designed to bring balance and harmony. It is the striving for perfection. My point is that perfection is only recognized and appreciated if imperfection is there to make it look good.
Next, I look at the four chosen issues from both sides. I am here because this is my world. You are in the mirror because this is also your world. You are confronted by the fact that if you are to look at my work then you will become part of my work. These issues are staring us in the face and we have to be responsible and stop ignoring what is really going on. Whichever way we look at this, it has no left or right, no beginning or end, so therefore, all is just as important as the next.
The mirror ends and the viewer stops looking at themselves and it is here that they are face to face with the four topics; the riches and jewels we adorn ourselves with/the mining destroying our landscape, the glamour of fur coats and the cosmetics beautifying our faces/the killing and cruelty of animals and the animal experimentations, technological communication/the damaging effects on the human body as well as the junkyards created, computers and robotics making life easier and more enjoyable/junkyards created and the loss of jobs.
This all happens inside our world. The outside of the Mandala is a representation of the Earth’s crust and the atmosphere. Humans have changed the shape and the colour of our planet.
If we are to continue on this path then it doesn’t take a scholar to work out that future generations will suffer greatly. Questions are raised, such as will they be able to even breathe without intervention.
It is time to take a stand.
By Adriana Cosshall

Preliminary Sketchs

A Couple of sketches for a series of drawings depicting the story of 'A Rake's Progress'. I am referencing and reinterpreting 'William Hogarth's' version of eight paintings he completed in 1733.

Surreal Painting Excerise

This semester I have been exploring motifs and repetition. My themes have been fish and eyes.

More Images from Printmaking

Luna Park. Soft Ground on Copper Plate
Gold Fish. Drypoint Etching
Bird on Perch. Wood Engraving

Images from Printmaking

A section of a bull skull. Lino Cut

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photography Wisdom (my husband's new book)

Photography Wisdom
A Practical Guide To Successful Photography and Self Expression
Wayne J. Cosshall

Whatever your experience in photography, Photography Wisdom will help you to make your images better by giving you new tools, insights and ways of thinking about your photography. Fifty great tips and extensive illustrations guide you through a process of loosening up, being more creative and taking better photos.
Wayne J. Cosshall, renowned author and educator about photography, brings his 35+ years of photography experience to you in a fun, thought provoking book that challenges you to take better photos.
Topics covered include:
• Composition and Exposure
• Test Your Own Gear
• The Numbers Have Meaning
• Use What You Have
• Intuition and Intellect
• Restrict Yourself
• Comfort Zone
• Reconsideration Is Good
• Plan, Then Shoot
• Understand/Break the Rules
• Print More and Differently
• Experiment Widely
• Shoot More and Differently
• Work a Scene to the Max
• Every Image Has a Story
• Work With Many Levels
• Bodies of Work
• Developing a Style
• Expressing Yourself
• Strong Emotion Is Powerful
Photography Wisdom came about from a desire to take a series of tips for better photography that Wayne has been publishing on, expand on them and publish them in book form. Some people like and use online resources but others do not, and it seemed a shame to miss out on reaching such people. Plus the printed form (and even e-books) offers a different look and design layout options than a website does.
The tips come from his 35+ years of photography experience, from his passions of landscape, macro, collage and infrared photography to portraits, weddings, product shots and the odd bit of fashion. They also drew from his varied other interests and activities: helping people overcome creative blocks, teaching photography, art and computers at all levels of adult education, a passion for science, philosophy, spirituality and history, and much more. He found it constantly amazing that interests in one area will often yield insights in a completely different field.
Photography Wisdom is designed to be used in many ways. You can read it through sequentially, dive into it at random or go find the specific tip relevant to whatever you are dealing with at the time. He took particular time over the index to ensure you can access the book directly to what you need.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

St. Georges Restaurant

My artwork "Cornucopia" was one of fourteen paintings chosen for St. Georges Restaurant.

It feels great seeing my work on the wall. The restaurant has now all the right ingredients in the pot!

You can view "Cornucopia" in my older posts.