Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Changing moods. More displays at work

Colour plays an important part in our lives. It has a direct impact on our moods, emotions and behaviours. Changing your colour scheme by adding a few new special items can produce some positively energizing and stimulating effects on brain activity.

Layering patterns in black and white increases interest.

A visual feast of saturated colour. Bring in the hot weather.

Mixing it up with coral pinks and silver. Love the resin zebras. Look at the colours reflected in the metallic finishes.

Heavy patterned cushion and soft faux fur throw completes the Loco iconic chair 
Let's go Moroccan. Tassels and beaten brass.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Monday specials.

Romantic nights on a sandy beach in the Caribbean.

Rich, strong, masculine and bold. A statement in any study.

Bright sky blue adds a fresh summery feel. 

Hotting it up in the tropics with touches of reds and oranges. 

Smoky dark glasses with metallic bases on a complementary placemat will add class and glamour to your special night.

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Elements and Principles of Design

Transforming a space requires much consideration. How we apply the elements and principles of design will determine how successful the outcome will be.

The Elements:

Value - the colour tone of lightness or darkness
Line - linear marks or the edge formed when shapes meet
Size - how one shape relates to another shape within the area
Texture - relates to the surface area. It can be physical or visual etc hard, soft, shiny, matt, furry, rough etc
Shape - geometric or free form. Shape can also be negative or positive for instance the space in a painting. Negative form will also create a positive form.
Direction - lines in horizontal or vertical positions. The direction of lines will create emotional responses such as; vertical suggests balance and formality, horizontal suggests stability, calmness and peacefulness, Oblique will suggest action and movement.
Colour or Hue - affects moods, emotions and temperature eg. bright colours suggests the season of Summer, hot, vibrance and happiness.

The Principles:

Repetition - reoccurrence of theme, line, form, shape or theme will reinforce dominance and hierarchy. Too much can be monotonous however the right amount will add interest.
Balance - a pleasing arrangement. Symmetrical is formal, where the opposite side of the space will mirror the weight, form, shape and value. Asymmetrical is informal, this is where both sides are not the same however the overall effect is still a pleasing and well balanced arrangement.
Graduation - this can come in the form of colour, shape and size. The graduation from light to dark, small to large, thin to thick, will entice the eye to move in a controlled direction.
Contrast - requires the juxtaposition of all elements in opposition. Contrast is used to create a focal point.
Harmony - the pleasing effect of the combination of similar elements.
Unity - the order created by the combination of cohesion, consistency, integrity and wholeness. In other words unity is integrated and supported by all other other design principles.
Emphasis - an important key principle, it's purpose is to either highlight something or to hide or distract focus from an area. It provides hierarchy and order in a space.
Proportion - a well proportioned space reflects the essence of nature. The Fibonacci, the Golden Section or the Golden Ratio, which are the mathematical equations found in all nature.
Scale - the size of the objects and their purpose in leading the eye to the focal point.
Unity - creates order by the combination of cohesion, consistency, integrity and wholeness. In other words unity is integrated and supported by all the other design principles.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Going tribal

Setting up a tribal look.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Crystal sculpture

Found a gorgeous piece of bark and took it home to see what I could do with it. Well here is the finished product.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ammonite and crystal painting

My love of crystals has led me down some interesting paths and along the way I have met some very special people. This little painting I have created for a couple of people that have taught me a lot about orgonites. Orgonites are objects of energy in the form of crystals and metals encased in resin. Whilst this is not an orgonite it is however a collection of some of the beauties that nature has to offer in a little artwork. I will be sending this off just as soon as the glue is dried.

Close up. Ammonite fossil, mookaite jasper, smoky quartz, cathedral clear quartz, amethyst cluster, singing quartz, copal amber, selenite, spirit fairy amethyst quartz, copper and brass wire.

Today's new displays

Playing around with creating different colour temperatures. 

A wash of warmer greys softens the mood and induces a relaxing atmosphere.

Simplicity will always work impeccably with either a modern or classical style. A dash of yellow bringing in the sunshine and warming the room.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Today my husband and I were lucky enough to attend an orgonite workshop and look at my gorgeous pieces. They are just so powerful. Each one is packed with clear crystal quartz, selenite, tourmaline, kyanite, amethyst, citrine, shungite, rose quartz and smoky quartz. I am over the moon with my first ever pieces.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Cream and Sage

Relaxing in a Hampton's style and welcoming in the cooler weather with some warmer tones of cream and sage.

Cool and Soothing

Taking time out to relax with soothing tones of duck blue.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


In 2013 my husband and I decided to have a go at making our own jewellery. We actually cut and polished the cabochons first from slabs of rocks and crystals that the lapidary club supplied, and then we followed on and made the wire wrapping. It was so much fun. The purple stones are Turkish purple jade, the brown one is petrified wood and the green one is fluorite. The first and last one Wayne made and the middle ones I made.

Rooms that inspired my creations

I have been painting for over twenty years and during this time I have been commissioned to design paintings for various spaces. Here are some in situ. There are also some rooms that I have found on the internet that have inspired me to create something to suit, these particular ones I have my paintings photoshopped into them. 

My paintings in rooms that inspired me. 

Rooms that inspired my creations

My paintings in situ. A theme is born when all the pieces speak to each other in the universal language of style.