Sunday, May 29, 2011

Catch My Drift

Catch My Drift is an internal exploration in an external form.

Like everyone, I am a complex, multi-dimensional person, influenced by the past and changing in various ways over time. At times this can seem a fragmented, perhaps destructive process, at other times a more integrated, positive one. The body of work is an exploration of this in visual form.

In creating Catch My Drift I drew together my strong interest in surrealism and great attachment to the work of James Gleeson, with the tradition of the self-portrait. This approach was a new and challenging one to me, and deliberately so. My intent, which was fulfilled, was that the challenge of the process would enable me to make some deeper realisations about myself.

Throughout the series I have used three recurring personal symbols. The fish makes reference to my Catholic upbringing. The cog makes reference to time, and thus an inherent process of movement and change. The net signifies the way that I often feel my life has been stopped or paused by circumstances beyond my control, just as a fish can get caught in a net.

This mixed media series also pushed me in another way, being the first time I have worked on such a large scale.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Darebin Art Centre Gallery Exhibition

I will be exhibiting at the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre Gallery. This will be my first solo exhibition.

Exhibition runs from 18th July 2011 to the 8th August 2011
Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre
Cnr St. Georges Road & Bell Street, Preston

"Moments In Time" Exhibition

Invite to the "Thou Art Mum" exhibition called "Moments In Time".
Love to see you at our joint exhibition held at Eltham Library. Opening is on Saturday, 4th June 2011 at 2.00pm to 4.00pm.
Come and enjoy a glass of wine, some nibblies and take a look at some of the amazing artwork on display. I have had a sneak preview of some of the other works and I can assure you that it will be worth the trip.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free of Ties

I have entered this Drypoint Print into the "The Undergraduate" Exhibition and Awards.

Free of Ties sits in a current series called Monocultural to Multicultural, a series exploring some of the diverse cultures that have made Australia a multicultural society. The series, through representations of the female form, explores how the woman stays the same while the cultural garb is changed and evolves over time and movement. Free of Ties, portraying a woman completely free of cultural baggage, represents the meta woman, the woman at her core free from her past and present. This freedom is represented in the work by the simplicity of presentation. The only ornament is the gold chine cole, at the base, implies both the waves of the ocean and the golden path to her future.

Latest iPad App

My Latest iPad App is Out

Wayne J. Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging is our latest iPad app and is the first in a Digital ImageMaker International Interactive Portfolio Series of monographs covering leading photographers and digital artists. We needed a first one to show what we could do with the medium and who better to experiment with than myself. The next few are in the works and we are in discussions with others.

Can I ask that anyone with a suitable magazine, blog, etc help to spread the word. Press materials are available at and the direct iTunes link to the app is

By Wayne Cosshall