Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mood Boards for my paintings

There is much deliberation and consideration involved when designing a painting for a particular space. There is more to it than just style, decor and theme of the room, I look at colour matching, selection of materials and textiles, shapes, form, scale, line, temperature and mood.
Here I am painting a mural on the wall for a Mediterranean style home.

The bicycle was designed for an Industrial style home.

 This painting has layers of meaning behind it and is based on women groomed for the pleasure of men. It is called Caught in a web.

 The triptych painting was created for a restaurant. The requirement was to bring the outside inside and make it bright and happy.

Dragonflies captured at the fleeting hour of dawn. A moody scene for a bedroom.

Conceptual, abstract and modern. A story of formal style progressing into minimalistic abstraction.

Filled with richness and profound meaning. A story of where we evolved from and the tree of life.
A selection of gold and earthy tones makes a connection to nature.

A construction of deconstructed elements such as cogs. A broken world, a reminder of how humans make an impact on the Earth. A bold statement.

 Temperature of Autumn is felt in this creation. The space to be outfitted in warm colours of Fall.

Animal lover. Wild horses running through water. A little pet so small protected by a big strong hand.

This room conjured up thoughts of meringue, mud and texture.

A journey through my mind. Keeping it summery. Surrealism with a bright palette.

In touch with the power of a majestic creature. A blur of colour instigating movement. Bright punched up hues were chosen for the space.

Raw and void of brightness. This painting was designed to suit an Industrial space. The painting questions the concepts of 'are women born to be mothers' and also looks at the first moments of when a woman is reborn as a mother. 

Another Industrial working space. My 'red haired woman' is striking and beautiful in a style that is void of all frills.

Neutral warm palette. A contemporary style with a big dollop of class. 

This space was all about transporting the occupant to another dimension of contemplation. It inspired me to write a poem. Warm blurred colours enticing the viewer to wander off in a dream. Soft warm textures that are tactile makes the journey a sensory one.

Wild orchids captured in the dusk. So moody and sensuous. A play of dark and light.

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