Saturday, October 22, 2016

There is an art to pulling off an eclectic interior style or simply integrating a period home with modern appliances. For a great seamless look a few rules must be followed.

Keep in mind that a space must always flow, and in order to design this unity and harmony, the objective aim is to strategically place complimentary objects around the room.  Here are some of the many examples; the grouping of colours and items of similar weight, style, age, value, shape, theme, texture or finishes. The emphasis is on constructing a theme or story. Another method is to follow and repeat the organic curves from one element to another, or by mimicking a geometric motif or pattern.

It is equally important to ensure that there is sufficient space and relief between each focus of attention. If there is more than one focal point intended, then, scatter your focal points around the room with the intention of making sure that the line of sight comes to rest at differing levels eg. a painting on the wall and a sculpture on the floor, this will draw the eye up and then down. Importance and hierarchy is achieved by creating ample areas of distance between each point of convergence. This process is reached by avoiding clutter, only selecting and displaying objects of meaning and beauty, grouping these together, keeping the number of items to a minimum and placing them at a distance of each group. All awhile ensuring to create levels in height between each object, this formation will support your focal points. Of course the exception to the rule is if you intentionally want the focus to be all at one level leading the eye down a tunnel or along a line. No group of objects should overwhelm or overpower another.
Take the viewer on a journey by keeping the eye roving around the room in an easy manner.

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