Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photography Wisdom (my husband's new book)

Photography Wisdom
A Practical Guide To Successful Photography and Self Expression
Wayne J. Cosshall

Whatever your experience in photography, Photography Wisdom will help you to make your images better by giving you new tools, insights and ways of thinking about your photography. Fifty great tips and extensive illustrations guide you through a process of loosening up, being more creative and taking better photos.
Wayne J. Cosshall, renowned author and educator about photography, brings his 35+ years of photography experience to you in a fun, thought provoking book that challenges you to take better photos.
Topics covered include:
• Composition and Exposure
• Test Your Own Gear
• The Numbers Have Meaning
• Use What You Have
• Intuition and Intellect
• Restrict Yourself
• Comfort Zone
• Reconsideration Is Good
• Plan, Then Shoot
• Understand/Break the Rules
• Print More and Differently
• Experiment Widely
• Shoot More and Differently
• Work a Scene to the Max
• Every Image Has a Story
• Work With Many Levels
• Bodies of Work
• Developing a Style
• Expressing Yourself
• Strong Emotion Is Powerful
Photography Wisdom came about from a desire to take a series of tips for better photography that Wayne has been publishing on, expand on them and publish them in book form. Some people like and use online resources but others do not, and it seemed a shame to miss out on reaching such people. Plus the printed form (and even e-books) offers a different look and design layout options than a website does.
The tips come from his 35+ years of photography experience, from his passions of landscape, macro, collage and infrared photography to portraits, weddings, product shots and the odd bit of fashion. They also drew from his varied other interests and activities: helping people overcome creative blocks, teaching photography, art and computers at all levels of adult education, a passion for science, philosophy, spirituality and history, and much more. He found it constantly amazing that interests in one area will often yield insights in a completely different field.
Photography Wisdom is designed to be used in many ways. You can read it through sequentially, dive into it at random or go find the specific tip relevant to whatever you are dealing with at the time. He took particular time over the index to ensure you can access the book directly to what you need.

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