Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thou Art Mum

I have been fortunate to be a part of an amazing group of exhibiting artists for the past two years. We all have two things in common; we are all mothers and all love to create art.

Last year we exhibited at Montsalvat and earlier this year at Manningham Gallery. We are currently sourcing galleries for the next exhibition. It looks like this next one will be huge! Last count we had approx 30 members and still going strong.

It is a wonderful experience to be involved with some very talented women. Each and every one of them is so, so special and we all support each other.

The aim and focus of this group is to create at least one or two individual pieces and then to all try to work on a joint piece together.

Some of the women are art teachers and have in the past taught us some new skills and given us valuable tips. When stuck for ideas or know-how they are only too pleased to help out.

The title for the next exhibit will be "Moments In Time". I now need to put my thinking cap on and start doing something or otherwise it will be "No Moments In Time"!

I was thrilled at the last show to have the image of one of my paintings on the gallery's billboard in Manningham Road, Doncaster, and the other painting was featured in two Leader Newspapers along with a full page article on the group. A photo of the billboard is sitting in my "older posts".


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