Saturday, October 23, 2010

Artist Statement

Moments In Time

This body of work is a continuation of my exploration of the various aspects of the human condition. Specifically, my interest lies in the roles in life people play, the interplay of light and dark in their lives and the boundary conditions between a person's inner and outer worlds. I explore these not only through the subject matter but through metaphor: firstly, the way light and shadow forms around the curves of the body and secondly, the relationship between the body and the surrounding space.

In my art, I like to experiment with different styles and mediums. As my art has matured my style has become looser and freer. In this latest collection I made a conscious move to use broader strokes and my preferred mediums to work with is either charcoal or pastel. I find that these mediums allow me to work quickly, thus, creating an easy spontaneous flow. Recently, I have discovered that after the drawing has been outlined, I then paint over it with water or another wet medium – the effect is a soft and fluid result. I also intentionally paint outside the lines as this process brings the surrounding background into the body, and vice-versa. I do this to emphasis the correlation to the outside world and the unifying connection of all things.

When I painted this series I was in awe and strongly influenced by the way Escha van den Bogerd captured this notion completely in her work. Whilst her work is darker and heavier, I purposely created my series to look light and airy.

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